Monkey Poop Coffee

MONKEY POOP COFFEE also known as Kopi Luwak. it may be the most costly (and best tasting) coffee that you can find. would you drink it Created with MAGIX Vid…

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23 Responses to Monkey Poop Coffee

  1. SuperSherriff1 says:

    Good day Mike. I like dark roast coffee but not that dark. Even a trucker who loves his coffee like me says no chance to anything that comes out the back end of anything. I wonder if it gives you poopy breath after you drink it. Have a great day and take care our friend. Lucy and Harry

  2. dave11686 says:

    I drink Keurigs

  3. Derek Joon says:

    I’ll stick to my Maxwell House thank ya very much!!!

  4. 1BubbaMike1 says:

    around 3 and a half years. i am hoping to let it grow all the way to my belt loops. what i can tell you is at first its hard but let it keep growing and it gets better

  5. Kyle Taylor says:

    How long did it take for your goatee to get that long? Been growing mine for 3 months and its only at the point that it looks sketchy lol.

  6. HURLBUT6805 says:

    LOL’ nothing better then GOOD friends. someday were gonna get to IND.

  7. Kronkus36 says:

    The minute Lipton brings a monkey in there commercial I’m done !

  8. 1BubbaMike1 says:

    I agree but even then i would have to sike myself up to do it LOL

  9. 1BubbaMike1 says:

    I am with you sis no way in hell LOL

  10. 1BubbaMike1 says:

    Look out bro that may be next just saying LOL

  11. 1BubbaMike1 says:

    You never know LOL

  12. mirodeogrl says:

    Only way I’d drink it is if they paid me 1 billion dollars tax free forever.

  13. 1BubbaMike1 says:

    Great friend huh sounds like something my friends would do to me if they could LOL

  14. 1BubbaMike1 says:

    OK Charlie would you drink it bro LOL

  15. 1BubbaMike1 says:

    That is what I said who who came up with this. thank you for watching my friend

  16. 1BubbaMike1 says:

    Your crazy bro LOL

  17. 1BubbaMike1 says:

    I agree my friend

  18. 1BubbaMike1 says:

    I never could drink coffee i try it back years ago and dint care much for it

  19. 1BubbaMike1 says:

    Same here Dave LOL

  20. 1BubbaMike1 says:

    I learn of this back last-week watching pawn stars LOL and then i look it up and seen it was true. and some of my friends said they would drink it if it dint cost so dang much

  21. fd64stang says:

    Nope …. ain’t doing it – lol … YUCK ! Not drinking it and no way in hell would I pay that much for it ! Great job Bubba !

  22. Kronkus36 says:

    I don’t drink coffee so I don’t have to worry like you. BUT if the start putting monkey shite in Lipton Green Tea i’ll be pissed, lol !

  23. James Eggerth says:

    Monkey poop coffee sounds like somthing Bear Grills would like (:-)

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